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I hope I’m right to presume that winning at spread betting is something all users of this website aim for. In fact, as I’ve stated on the spread betting home page, if consistent trading profits is not your primary objective in financial spread betting, then I’m afraid, you are on the wrong website!

Let me suggest a quick exercise. Enter the words “spread betting” into the search box at Google. The last time I did this, Google returned about 4.9 million websites on the topic! Here’s the thing, despite the mind boggling number of sites on the topic, all spread betting websites can be put into one of two groups.

Group 1 spread betting websites: At least 99.9%—basically, almost all the websites and blogs that cover the topic of spread betting belong to ‘Group 1’. To put it nicely, this is the group of amateurs and internet marketers who know nothing about winning at spread betting. Basically, these sites are there for one thing and one thing only = to earn advertising dollars from google ads and adverts by spreadbetting companies.

In order to attract this advertising, these sites and blogs post tons and tons of content online. Invariably, the content is more like ‘news articles’ and basic materials that are gathered from news papers and brochures of various spread betting companies. Some of the blogs/sites have pages after pages of interviews and conversations with spread betting companies, or even so called reviews of trading systems etc but the aim is the same. To get you to click on adverts either supplied by google or supplied by the various vendors or brokers in text links or flashing banners on the sites.

We get these requests from vendors looking to place banners on our site too. But we routinely turn them down for one reason: does not belong to this group of amateurs. We are not in the business of selling advertising space. We actually trade our own money day in, day out.

Unfortunately, for those who aim to make money from spread betting, these ‘group 1’ websites have nothing to offer you. Why? Because more often than not, they are written by amateurs and newbies looking to document their spread betting experience online or they are written by pseudo-journalists who cobble basic articles together from newspapers and brochures in order to attract readers and advertising money.

So where does that leave you if you are serious about winning at spread betting?

Group 2 spread betting websites: This, much smaller group of sites are harder to find. They are unlikely to appear on page 1 of Google because they are not online marketers but professionals who really do trade. This group includes people who actually trade for a living rather than those who simply use the phrase as the title of their website!

For instance, since 2007 when first went online, I have not found even one single UK website that proudly displays anything that comes close to the sort of track record of profitable spread betting forecasts that I present in the market outlook section. That section is all about winning at spread betting.

Bottom line is this: Caveat Emptor – buyer beware. If they could, they would!

What will you get from the Private Members Only section?

  • Tips on spread betting strategy covering everything from position sizing to risk management;
  • Analysis of major equity indices such as: FTSE 100 and Dow Jones;
  • Analysis of major forex markets such as: Euro and GBP;
  • Analysis of major commodities such as: Crude Oil and Gold;
  • Analysis of major UK shares: covering all FTSE 100 shares;
  • Analysis of ad-hoc markets suggested by registered private members

The Private Members Only section is a complementary service to the spread betting course and forms part of the suite of spread betting products being developed by the editor.

If you are serious about winning at spread betting, then winning at spread betting, then you should join the Private Members Only section now.

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