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Short term trading skills course

This spread betting course is designed for those who have already taken the time to read through the introductory content and guide to spread betting presented on this site.

Once you have mastered the basics, then you should seriously consider enhancing your trading skills by learning professional trading techniques and risk-controlled strategies on this highly effective spread betting training course.

The short term trading skills course is the only spreadbetting training that we currently have on offer. However, we are in the latter stages of providing another spread betting service which will be a longer version of the above course and will combine a series of face-to-face workshops with a distance learning component. This will be ideal for those who are new to spread betting and need a little more hand-holding over an extended period to ensure that they fully understand the concepts involved. The longer version will be available from 2012.

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Private Members Only Section

The private members only section of the spreadbettrader.co.uk website houses the latest editions of the Market Timing Update published by the editor of spreadbettrader.co.uk.

The Market Timing Update presents the latest trading analysis and forecasts for a wide range of markets including major stock market indices such as the FTSE 100 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average; major currencies such as the Pound Sterling and the Euro against the US Dollar; and major commodity markets including gold and crude oil. The analysis also covers individual shares from the FTSE 100 index.

Finally, subscribers can email the editor to suggest particular individual share for analysis in the Market Timing Update.

If you are serious about winning at spread betting, then you should join the Private Members Only section now.

Any further additions to our range of spread betting products will be highlighted on this page in due course.

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