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Spread bet trader's guide to chart patterns for spread betting
Don't believe the hype. Many gurus will try to sell you 'secret' chart patterns that are not worth the paper they are written on. There are no secrets. Here are the most effective chart patterns for spread betting

Useful economic indicators to keep an eye on as you spread bet
Even in the short term, as a spread better, you ignore certain important economic indicators and economic news items at your peril. Let's look at some data to focus on...

Trader emotion and spread betting performance
A trader can develop pin-point market timing techniques and flawless trade execution. But without having a good handle on his or her emotion and the mental aspects of trading, the spread better is doomed to failure. Find out why...

Money management is the key to spread betting profit in the long run
The only real winners in spread betting are those who adopt effective money management techniques. Without an effective approach to capital preservation, any profit you make is only temporary because you will certainly give it all back...

Effective stop loss and trade management strategies for spread betting
The risk involved in spread betting and other margin instruments such as cfd trading can be significantly reduced with effective stop loss and trade management strategies. Learn how...

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