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[Posted: 31/07/2009]

Not so long ago, CMC Markets, the spread betting company reported stellar results showing strong profitability. Apparently the outlook for profitability is so strong that even major investment banks such as Goldman Sachs have taken big stakes in a number of spread betting firms.

Making money hand over fist has become the norm for firms operating in the spread betting industry and a few days ago, the Telegraph newspaper reported that IG Group hiked dividend after profit rose 15 per cent to £111.2m pre-tax. Even more impressive was the fact that revenues jumped 40 per cent over the year to a whooping £257.1 million.

The Group’s Chief Executive was quoted as saying that “"Against a backdrop of chaos in financial markets worldwide, and a severe global recession, we have achieved good levels of growth in revenue."

Well, why is all this of any interest to you and I?

Simple. The companies are making tremendous amount of money off the back of increased trading volumes. In other words, as spread betters are trading more and more to take advantage of increased volatility in the market, these guys are making a mint.

Now, this trend is unlikely to end any time soon as increasing numbers of people come to realise the potential benefits and advantages of spread betting over conventional share trading.

One way for the discerning trader to take advantage of this is to simply go long the listed spread betting companies. A long term exposure to CMC Markets, IG Index and the other spread betting companies where listed would likely end up making the average spread bet trader more money than dabbing in and out of the market!

Simple trade…but a sure bet!

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